Mausoleum of Sheikh Shahab Al-Din Ahari

Mausoleum of Sheikh Shahab Al-Din Ahari

The mausoleum of Sheikh Shahab Al-Din Ahari (seventh-century mystic and poet of the Hegira lunar / 580-665) is located in the city of Ahar (eastern Azerbaijan region) and its construction dates back to the early Safavid era.

This complex includes: the Khanqah and the mausoleum of Shaykh Shahāb Al-Din, the mosque, a high Iwan, the minarets and a few pavilions.

Khanqah: a large large room under the double-covering dome with a height equal to 18 meters whose sides have been built with symmetrical rooms which has become known as chini khāne (place where ceramic tableware was kept).

The mosque: it is located east of the mausoleum and is decorated with stucco work and paintings and all the walls are covered with handwriting.

Stone wall of the mausoleum: this structure like a rectangle surrounds the courtyard, is carved with images of arabesques and geometric patterns in a reticulated form and is among the masterpieces of stone sculpture in the Islamic period.

This Khanqah since the year 1374 of the solar Hegira has been used as a museum of literature and mysticism.

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