Qajar Museum Of Tabriz

Qajar Museum of Tabriz

The museum Qajar of the city of Tabriz starting from the year 1385 (solar calendar), after the restoration and reconstruction of the Casa Amir Nezām Garousi in the Shesheglān district, it was officially inaugurated. The house was built by Amir Nezām Garousi during his time as administrator at the time of Nāser Al-Din Shāh. This building with the foundations of 1500 square meters, was built on two floors and is composed of two courtyards and an internal and external courtyard. Sixteen iwān columns have been preserved all around. The upper floor has been embellished with up-and-down windows with colored glass, stucco ornaments on the northern and southern façades, mirror work and still stucco work in the interior rooms. Also in the basement there is a large room with a fountain at the center with solid columns and the brickwork of the ceiling attracts the attention of the visitor. The rooms on the first floor of the museum are divided into various sections: the room of coins, fabrics, the Chinese room, glass, metal objects, music, wood inlay work (khātam) and also in the basement are located the halls of stone, weapons, statesmen and decrees, architecture and urban planning, locks and lamps


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