Mausoleum of poets

Mausoleum of poets or Mausoleum of Poets

The mausoleum of the poets is located in the Sarkhāb district of the city of Tabriz (eastern Azerbāijān region). It is one of the ancient cemeteries of the city that according to historical documents, up until the eighth century of the moon Hegira did not exist and in the past had assumed various names such as: Hazireh Al-Shoarā, Hazireh Al-Qazāh and Sarkhāb cemetery.

Following the earthquakes of the 1193 and 1194 years of the lunar Hegira, this cemetery was abandoned; but since many important poets and mystics are buried here, in the year 1350 of the solar Hegira in this place the first steps were taken towards the construction of a building of commemoration (mausoleum of the poets).

The mausoleum building was designed in such a way that it is possible to observe a mixture of modern and traditional architecture. The foundations are made of steel coated with pieces of concrete. The height of the building is equal to 30 meters.

Here for over 800 years more than 400 poets, mystics and important personalities of Iran and the neighboring countries have been buried. Among these we can mention the hakim Asadi Tusi, Khāghāni Sharvāni, Shāpur Neishāburi, Ghatrān-e Tabriz, Hamam-e Tabrizi, Lesāni Shirazi, Segh Al-Islām of Tabriz and Seyed Mohammad Hossein Shahryār.

The mausoleum of poets is considered one of the symbols of the cultural identity of the city of Tabriz.

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