House of the constitution of Tabriz

House of the constitution of Tabriz

The house of the constitution is located in one of the ancient quarters of the city of Tabriz (eastern Azerbāijān region) and was built in the 1247 of the solar Hegira as a private home. It was later used as a gathering place for activists and for organizing meetings by the constitutional general, for meetings of the Tabriz association and a command center for combatants during the siege of the city.

This two-story historic building with internal and external parts, with an area of ​​1300 square meters, in the architectural style of the qajara era, was built of stone, brick and adobe (mixture of straw, earth and water).

On the first floor there are six rooms and a vestibule, on the second floor a large living room in whose entrance hallway there are six rooms.

Among the unique features of the house of the constitution, we can mention the sash windows, the carved doors, the ghalām gardesh (corridor, passage) to the kolāh farhangi (type of building architecture with circular dome) and skylight. All exterior windows of the house are red, green and white full-length guillotine windows.

This house is currently used as a museum where sculptures of characters from the initial period of the constitution are exhibited such as Sattar Khān, Bagher Khān, Jahāngir Khān, Sur-e Esrāfil, photographs of characters who are enemies of the constitution such as, Mozaffar Al-Din Shah, Mohammad Ali Shah and historical documents related to the constitutional revolution, various seals of revolutionary groups, weapons of Sattar Khān, the carpet of the constitution, personal effects of the constitutionalist generals, the polygraph for reproducing announcements of the constitutional period etc. 

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