Behnam house

Behnam House (Ghadaki)

The Behnam Ganjei House is a building located in Tabriz dating back to the last years of the dynasty of the Zand and at the beginning of the qajara that during the reign of Naser Al-Din Shāh Qājār was renewed and embellished with paintings. This building consists of a main building (winter residence), a smaller building (summer residence) and two internal and external courtyards. The exterior has a living room (with seven doors), a summit and a room where a courtyard is located on the northern side. In the lounge with the sliding window, which has a colonnaded iwān with stucco decorations, there are very beautiful frescoes on the walls and ceilings. The decorations and paintings in the arches, in the living room fireplace and in the adjacent rooms are also remarkable. On the south external façade there is also a space composed of a summer terrace with columns, stucco capitals with moqarnas ("alveoli", decoration originating from the subdivision of the corner niche surface into numerous smaller niches) and also an entrance and some other room. In the east and west wing, the outer courtyard is limited to the arched walls. The home of the house is located in the northernmost part of the building whose extremes have formed rooms in the east and west and which dominate the courtyard of the andaruni. The roof of the rooms is used as a veranda. This part of the building also has a basement whose rooms under the living room were used as a summer residence and the other rooms as a warehouse and kitchen. The impressive layout of this building is 840 square meters and the area of ​​its 900 land. This construction is considered as part of the faculty of architecture of the University of Islamic Art of Tabriz.

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