Caravanserai Yam of Marand

Caravanserai Yam of Marand (Hotel Yaam)

The Yam caravanserai is located on the slopes of the Mishu mountains, in the city of Marand (eastern Azerbāijān region). It dates back to the Mongol and Safavid period, being on the transit route between Iran and Europe and on the Silk Road, it has always aroused interest and is considered one of the most important transit structures in different historical periods.

The Yam caravanserai, built in an area where the nomad tribe's summer camps are located, with a mild climate and a beautiful landscape, was known as caravanserai Shah Abbāsi among the people and in the history books is cited as caravanserai Yām ilkhanide .

This structure at 4 Iwan, has a large central courtyard with the appearance of a vestibule, a high portal, one gonbadkhāne, rooms and Iwan adjacent to the courtyard for caravaners accommodation. Today this historic place, after being rebuilt and restored, has become a traditional restaurant and a hotel.

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