Gonbad-E Ghaffarie

Ghaffarieh dome

Dome Ghaffarieh is located northwest of Marāgheh, next to the Sāfi Chāy river. The history of its construction can be located between the 725-728 years of the lunar Hegira. Square Ghaffarieh dome is brick and above the stone platform and the crypt a deep underground room has been built. At the four corners of this building columns with raised diamond motifs have been raised. The front is facing north while the opening of the arch below is to the east. Each of the two sides and the back, has two arches and a border with inscriptions. In Ghaffarieh Dome all the calligraphy is of the type reykhān. The tiles of this building are a mixture of marine blue and sky blue colors. The color of the letters of the epigraphs is black on the white text of the wall with branches and leaves in turquoise. Above the central arches of the great iwān, we note an epigraph of three lines. Even above the threshold of the building there is one of two lines that due to the wear caused by erosion is not understandable but it seems to contain the name and the name of the owner of the mausoleum. In the front part a central arch has been built on the portal, on the top of which a two-line epigraph is visible.


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