Mausoleum of the Sheikh Mahmud Shabestari

Mausoleum of the Sheikh Mahmud Shabestari

The mausoleum of Sheikh Mahmud Shabestari, the tomb of Sa'ad Al-Din Mahmoud Ben Abdolkarim Ben Yahia, (1288-1340), a great Iranian mystic, is located in the city of Shabestar (eastern Azerbaijani region). Its construction dates back to the Ilkhanid period (end of the sixth and beginning of the seventh century of the lunar Hegira) and several times has been renovated, rebuilt and restored in the period qajaro.

The mausoleum, which is located in a garden named Golshan, is in the traditional Iranian and Islamic architectural style, ring-shaped and in the place of the gem is the tomb of Sheikh Mahmud Shabestari located in a brick room.

On the tombstones two raised incisions were made on calligraphy marble nasta'liq and in the garden of the mausoleum there are some pieces of carved precious stone of which two are in the shape of a box and one has a stone base with muqarnas.

In the complex of the mausoleum that was built as a cultural and artistic center, besides the tomb of "Bahā Al-Din Yaqub Tabrizi", master Sheikh Mahmud Shabestari, artistic education classes are also held, there is a public library specializing in field of Islamic literature and mysticism, a conference hall, a traditional tea house and a sort of caravanserai.

Among the works of Sheikh Mahmud Shabestari, the masnavi "Golshan-e Rāz", is the most important and famous poem in verse, rich in philosophical, theosophical and wisdom contents and so far has been translated into various languages.
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