Jām'eh Mosque of Ahar

Jām'eh Mosque of Ahar

The Jām'eh mosque in Ahar is located in the city of the same name (eastern Azerbājān region). The construction of the original building dates back to the Seljuk period and in different eras, ilkhanide, atābakān, safavide, qajara and pahlavi were added to the parts and domes.

The Jāme'h Mosque of Ahar, which is of considerable importance in terms of architectural style and decoration, has an open court on the front, one Shabestan with impressive columns and historical inscriptions.

The ample space and little high of the shabestān che is divided into three parts with different functions, has been covered with 21 domes and brick arches on 14 pillars in the center and 14 half pillars on the sides. The entire surface of the columns and walls has been whitewashed and only the parts of the base have been cemented.

Also the courtyard of the mosque has numerous rooms and at the entrance and in the kafshkan at the corner of the courtyard and in the middle of it, there is a bathtub. On the inscription of the portal the date of the building is shown and the name of its builder and also the other epigraphs in every part of the mosque show the repairs carried out.

This mosque consists of two parts, feminine and masculine, separated from one another by a small door. The Jām'eh mosque in Ahar was once the site of public prayer in the city, but now it is its historical particularity that attracts more attention.

Mausoleum of the Shaykh Shahāb Al-Din Ahari

In the city of Ahar is the mausoleum of the Shaikh Shahāb Al-Din Ahari, (great mystic, 1180-1265) which dates back to the early Safavid era. This tomb which is the place of the Khanqah (meeting place of a Sufi confraternity) and the Sheikh burial includes: the buildings of the same Khanqah,  the great mosque, a wide one Iwan and two little ones, two tall minarets and some rooms and for some years it has been used as a museum of literature and mysticism.

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