Traveling to Shiraz - What to see in the city of Shiraz

Traveling to Shiraz: the city of Shiraz is bounded on the west by Mount Derak and on the north by the Bamu, Sabzpushan, Chehel Magham and Babakuhi mountains (all of which are part of the mountain range of Zagros).
History: the name Shiraz (ancient name: Kheshtivraz, Shahr-raz, Shirsazh) stands out in the Achaemenid inscriptions of Takht-e Jamshid (Persepolis). Objects and coins found at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, testify to the grandeur and magnificence of this city in the Seleucid, Parthian and Sassanid eras. Even in the era Islamic Shiraz has always been one of Iran's leading cultural and artistic centers.
Ethnicity and language: the original inhabitants of Shiraz were of Persian-Aryan ethnicity. The people of the city speak Persian together with the dialect of Shiraz. The role played by this city in the development of Persian language and literature is comparable to that of Tuscany and Florence in the development of Italian language and literature, and from this point of view it is known as the city of poetry. Some of the great Persian poets like Hafez and Sa'di were from Shiraz; nowadays their sepulchres, which are located in Shiraz, are a meeting place for lovers of poetry and verse declaimers. A Jewish community of 6000 people lives in this city and in Shiraz are also active two churches, one Armenian and one Anglican.
What to see on a tourist trip to the city of Shiraz: gardens have a special place in Shiraz town planning and in this regard Shiraz is called "city of flowers and nightingales". This city in ancient times had numerous vineyards and the wine of Shiraz was world-renowned. Most of the Shiraz gardens are located in the northwestern part of the city, in the areas of Ghasrdasht, Koshan, Chamran and Mo'ali Abad. The historic gardens of Eram, Afif Abad, Delgosha and Jahan-Nama are among the most important tourist destinations in the city.
Historic tourist attractions: Shah Cheragh, the bazaar and the hammam Vakil, the citadel of Karim Khan are just some of the tourist attractions of this city.       More Information

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