Sheikh Bahai mausoleum

Sheikh Bahai mausoleum

The mausoleum of the Sheikh Bahai, sepulcher of Baha Al-Din Mohammad Ben Hossein Āmeli (27 February 1547 / 30 August 1621), an Iranian scholar and scholar known as Sheikh Bahāi, is on the porch which has the same name inside the shrine of Imām Rezā (A) in the city of Mashhad (region Khorāsān Razavi).

The mausoleum, with the appearance of a stone tomb with a glass roof, is located in the center of the Sheikh Bahai portico. This roughly square-shaped building, according to reports, was the home and teaching place of the Shaykh in its days of stay in Mashhad.

On the west side of the vestibule an inscription in the form of a picture on inlaid tiles contains the words written on the tombstone of the Sheikh and also on the three sides of the portico under the ceiling, above the wall an inscription, while presenting it, contains his works and calligraphy publications Suns.

All the walls of the porch and its ceiling are decorated with mirrors. Sheikh Bahāi died in Esfahan and his followers carried his body with great solemnity to Mashhad and buried him next to the shrine of Imam Reza (A), eighth Imam of the Shiites.


Sheikh Bahai (1547-1621)

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