Ferdows thermal spring

Thermal spring (Ab-e Garm)

The Ferdows thermal spring is located in the homonymous town (southern Khorāsān region). This ancient natural source 200 years, located on top of a mountain, gushes from the heart of a rock for centuries in the form of a spring and its water has numerous mineral salts and is useful in the treatment of some diseases.

This source retains salts of potassium nitrate for a long time. The water temperature of this source is so high that it generates a strong boil and the permanence in it beyond 10 minutes is unbearable.

It is said that for about two centuries a stone house had been built on this source and people went to this place for the treatment of many diseases. With the passing of time a certain development took place around it and a construction was born to use the thermal source as a tank which was finally transformed into a public bath equipped with khazineh and private hot water tanks.

This complex still consists of 2 swimming pools and 10 therapeutic water sources, private baths, suites equipped with all comforts, simple accommodation, a restaurant, a playground and sports and recreational environments.

In the surroundings of this source it is also possible to observe the remains of a tower and bastions that bear witness to its antiquity.

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