Garab Spring

Sorgente Garab (Gurab)

The Garab or Gurab spring is located near the eponymous village south-east of Mashhad (Khorāsān Razavi region). It, which is located on different hills, is composed of some springs at a distance of about 500 meters from each other; some of them have conical openings while others have small slits.

The locals use the mineral water from this spring or "natural health resort" as a drug because it has numerous therapeutic properties and to heal superficial wounds; it is usually not drinkable.

These springs are colored and their water has various tastes such as: sour, bitter and salty. The Garāb spring, in addition to its therapeutic properties, is also interesting from the point of view of its geological structure.

Among these beautiful springs there is a high peak around 70 meters which is very similar to the volcanic peaks.

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