Jame'h Mosque (The Great Mosque)

Jame'h Mosque

The Jame'h mosque in Kermān or the mosque Jāme'h Mozaffari is located in the city of Kermān (homonymous region) and was built in the year 750 of the lunar Hegira in the reign of Al Mozaffar (1314-1393).

This mosque is among those four Iwan and has a high portal, a courtyard, a porch and a prayer hall. This historic mosque has three gates in the northern, eastern and western wings.

The most noteworthy section of the building is the inlaid tiling of the mihrab with marble edge and high east portal worked to muqarnas with its clock tower.

Behind the mihrab The Persian-speaking mausoleum Malabmānali Rāji Kermāni is located in the west. The Jāme'h mosque in Kermān, which is located near the "Baza Ganjali Khān", has witnessed many events throughout history, some of which are considered important historical events, for this reason it has suffered various damages, for example one of the portals was destroyed by the artillery of Aghā Mohammad Khān Qajar but later it was restored and rebuilt

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