Shazdeh Mahan Garden

The Shāzdeh Māhān garden

The Shāzdeh Māhān Garden (Prince Māhān Garden), considered one of the most beautiful traditional gardens of Iran, with an area of ​​almost 3 / 5 hectares is located about 3 km from the city of Māhān (Kermān region) in the heart of the desert in the ancient route of the Silk Road.

This garden was built in the 1850 year, rebuilt in the decade 1890 and dates back to the end of the qajara era.

In the construction of the Shāzdeh Māhān garden complex, brick, stone, plaster were used together with a mixture of clay and mud and stucco, and the art of tile work was also used in it. This garden has two complexes, eastern and western.

Different parts of the Shāzdeh garden

1-Entrance portal and porch of the house in the lower part of the garden; two-story building with unfinished arch worked in majolica that had both the function of entry and that of residence and place to observe the panorama. In addition to this entrance there are also other ways to access the garden.

2-the upstairs building and the secluded garden located in the highest part of the complex; this building shāhneshin o upper part or main building was used as permanent or seasonal residence of the owner and in front of it there is a large basin with five fountains whose water flows into a stone basin and continues its course in the form of ten streams similar to waterfalls.

Even the secluded garden is located in an area behind this building and was a more intimate and separate environment for those residing there from the main garden.

3-the hammam located in the upper part of the garden and includes some rooms one inside the other of different sizes and with architectural decorations like the dome and the vault inside.

4-the guardian's house and the watchtower that was the permanent residence of the main protector of the garden.

Today this is covered by evergreen trees that hold back the wind, shady trees, ornamental plants and fruit trees and in addition to a historic monument it is considered a pleasant amusement park. The flow of water in the middle of the garden that is fed by canals, pools, fountains, flowers and the smell that spreads in the environment, brings to mind the descriptions of a thousand and one nights. This complex, which has been included in the UNESCO world heritage list, has a hotel and a restaurant.

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