Shiakh Castle

Shiakh Castle (Shiāq)

The castle or historical town of Siakh is located on the hills between two rivers in the Strait of Valieh on the slopes of the Takht-e Pirān mountains in the north-west and Takht-e Nileh in the north-east, in the Zarrin Ābād district of the city of Dehlorān near the village Badri.

This castle, built with stone and cement mortar, belongs to the Sassanid era. The remaining walls, each one thousand meters long, measure between 7 and 10 meters high and about 2 meters thick. The remains of the rooms, which were used as accommodation for the commanders and governors of the region, are still evident. To get water, the inhabitants had built a stone and cement mortar canal that carried the necessary water from the Strait of Valieh, thanks to a natural slope of the land, inside the castle. In the northern part which was also the entrance, traces of the watch towers remained on the adjacent hills. The remains of scattered buildings can also be seen outside the castle.

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