Arch of Shirin and farhad

Arch of Shirin and Farhad (Farhad Kushak)

The arch of Shirin and Farhad is a historical building from the Sassanid era which is located near the Kooshk Pass and the Chehel Zarieh village in the Zarneh district in the city of Ivān in the Ilām region. This construction is composed of a barrel vault and has a square plan on a small basement room 320 centimeters long, wide 290 and high 220 from the ceiling of the arch. In the lower level of the north wall an opening has been placed with a cover without circumference (flat) that measures 64x145x100 centimeters. The entrance to the building is in the south-east part and also has a flat roof and with the dimensions of 80x130x125. The materials used are made of 175 huge polished stones that when dried and without mortar have been placed in series one on the other. The interior is simple and free of any kind of decoration. The change in appearance of the roof, from crescent to plate, is in a certain way unique.

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