Alavian Dome

The Alavian dome

The Alavian dome is located in the Chahārbāgh Alaviān of the city of Hamedān. This building was built at the end of the Seljuk period (sixth century of the lunar Hegira) by the Alaviān family as a mosque and later, with the creation of an underground room, was converted into a mausoleum.

It is a cubic building the size of 12,5 for 12,8 meters, with a height of 11,5 meters with four supports similar to columns of the height of 5,9 meters, an approximate diameter of two meters as the towers located at the four corners and with star-shaped edges.

The entrance of the building has nine stone steps and walls up to the line of the dome remained, but this itself has collapsed and there is no trace of it. The construction was built of bricks, is higher than the ground level, and rests on a platform that is considered the lower floor of the building.

It is decorated with stucco and also has an epigraph with the verses of the Koran. At the center of the underground room are two rectangular tombs covered with turquoise enamelled bricks belonging to the members of the Alaviân family.

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