Ali Sadr's Cave

The Cave of Ali Sadr

It is located near the village of Ali Sadr in the district of the city of Kabudar Ahang. The Cave of Ali Sadr is one of the natural wonders of the world, a rare example of mountain cave, is located at 1900 meters high from the sea level, in which there is a quantity of water that can be traveled by boats.

In the same mountain there are two other caves: the Cave of Subashi and the Cave of Sarab. Geologists place the formation of this mountain in the second geological era, or in the Jurassic period (from 136 to 190 millions of years ago).

The findings found show that this cave was inhabited by primitive men. The presence of long rivers and vast underground lakes, passable by boats, make this cave unique in its kind and make it considered one of the natural attractions of Iran and the world. The waters of the lake are pure and transparent, odorless, colorless and tasteless, and do not have any animal life. The waters of the lake come from underground springs and the continuous fall of rainwater accumulated in the walls and ceilings of the cave.

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