Hammam Haj Agha Torab

The hammam Haj Agha Torab is located in the historic center of the city of Nahavand (Hamadan region) and its Safavid-style construction dates back to the year 1860 at the time of Nasreddin Shah qajaro; however some believe that the materials and columns of a temple located on the hill in the city center were used in the construction of this hammam and that the date of construction of the columns refers to the Seljuk era.

The Haj Agha Torab or twin hammam, with an area of ​​670 square meters, has two separate parts, one reserved for men and one for women. The environment includes the frigidarium, tepidarium and calidarium and the internal spaces are divided from each other by the corridor and the vestibule so that the heat and humidity of each room is regulated with respect to the adjacent one.

Il bayyeneh (central area of ​​the sar-bineh, located at a lower level of the dressing room, covered by a large dome and equipped with a bathtub) is quadrangular in shape and around there are benches and the dressing room and under the seats have been obtained in the masonry of the niches that act as a shoe rack. Above the domed ceiling there are several skylights. The hammam features decorations such as majolica with images of ancient Persian and Shahnameh stories and decorative stones in marble and white lime with images and interesting poems.

The heating system of the hammam includes the boiler, the braziers, a cavity under the floor, chimneys and holes for collecting the ashes.

The reason why the hammam is known as twin lies in the fact that it consists of two parts, the cold hammam and the large hot hammam for use by the nobility and the second section of reduced size for use by ordinary people and the lower class. of society.

Even now this hammam, used as a museum of anthropology in Nahavand, makes the uses and customs of the region known to the public. In the male part there are statues and the washing ritual is presented, while in the female part that of henna dyeing reserved for the bride.

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