Mausoleum of the Prophet Abacuc

Mausoleum of the Prophet Abacuc

Abacuc was a Prophet of the Israelites (about 700). Regarding the place of his mausoleum there are several stories and according to one of these, it is located in the city of Tuyserkān. Of the original building that has about 2500 years, in the 1368 (solar egira) the remains of the square-shaped walls were found with four towers nearby.

The current building of this mausoleum, built at the end of the sixth century of the lunar Hegira in the architectural style of the Seljuk period, is a twelve-meter-high brick tower whose inner cover is circular in shape, while the outer one is conical.

The mausoleum has an octagonal structure. The outer walls of the building have decorative arches and tiles in the shape of the Star of David and in some of them some triangular pinnacles of triangular shaped bricks were also built.

The ceiling of the mausoleum from the inside with a height of seven meters, was built like a dome with little curvature and convexity. Inside the building there is a stone sepulcher on which was placed a wooden chest bearing a biography of the Prophet Abacuc.

The mausoleum has a crypt located at two meters above the ground and whose ceiling is completely covered.

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