Zayande Rud

River Zayande Rud

The Zayande rud is the largest river in the central plateau of Iran. Its source, a circular basin (about 312 meters) known as "Janan spring", is located on the slopes of Mount Zardkuh-e Bakhtiari (between Esfahan region and that of Lorestan). The course of this source flows towards the east and after about 18 km it reaches the Chehel Cheshme spring. North of this area (Faridan), two other sources Khoresang and Kudang flow into the Janane river. Also the river Zarrin-rud, which originates at the foot of Mount Zardkuh south of Chaharmahal, joins the Zayande-rud.

The Zayande Rud basin measures 41.500 km2 and its maximum range is 1,2 km3 the year (38 m3 per second).

In the era Safavid some bridges were built on this river, the most famous of which are the Zamankhan bridge in the Chaharmahal Bakhtyari region and the Si-o-se Pol (Allahverdi Khan) and Khaju bridges in the Esfahan region. The oldest bridge built on Zayande-rood is the Shahrestan bridge.

The Zayande Rood is the 118a natural work inscribed in the list of the naturalistic heritage of Iran.

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