Gouged Citadel of Golpayegan

Gouged Citadel of Golpayegan

The Gouged citadel of Golpayegan is located in the town of the same name in the province of Golpayegān (Esfahān region) and dates back to 400 years ago. It is a square-shaped castle with an area of ​​approximately 5000 square meters.

This building has four symmetrical towers with red walls and a height of 12 meters. The Gouged fortress in some parts has two floors. The external façade of the towers presents decorative images while the citadel structure has slits in the high walls that were used for defensive purposes.

It is said that in the past these loopholes were the gathering place of the pigeons that in the presence of the aggressors making noise, warned the inhabitants of the citadel.

In the citadel of Gouged there is also a well in the eastern part. Its structure and architecture is very similar to that of the caravanserais. It has an open space in the center and its buildings are around it.

The ancient mud-and-brick construction of the citadel of Gouged was used as a caravanserai during respite, while during the war or attack by the invaders as a military fortress.

Currently the structure has been used as a traditional three-star hotel.

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