Tālār-e Ashraf

Talar-e Ashraf

The Talar-e Ashraf (portico supported by tall wooden columns) is one of the historic buildings of Esfahan which was erected at the time of the Shāh Abbās II Safavid and completed in the period of the Shāh Soleimān. This very beautiful building was the residence of the Shāh and of the military commanders of Esfahān and later changed function in the warehouse of the fodder and residence of the Russian soldiers, in offices of health and registry office, of education and research, of culture and art and ceremonies in the region.
The Talar-e Ashraf (Ashraf Hall) was built entirely of interlocking wood and its flat roof was placed on tall thick columns covered in gold.
This building in the past had two buildings in the left and right sections and it can be said that it is what is left of the Safavid palaces. In front of it there is a rectangular pool with four sides with four small gardens with trees.
In the north-west wing of the building there is a large flat ground, the remains of the Sadrieh palace and is joined to the Chehel sotun garden.
This work (Talar-e Ashraf) inlaid with gold with beautiful rooms on two sides of the main tālār and four flights of stairs giving access to four small rooms on the upper floor, as far as the art is concerned, it has decorations, paintings, bei muqarnas, stuccoes and ogival balanced arcs, beautiful and of a particular magnificence. The drawings are imaginary images of the contents used in Persian verses and in Iranian miniatures; the building has suffered damage and changes over time.

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