Palace Of Malek

Malek Palace

The Malek palace in Bushehr is located near this city (homonymous region) and dates back to the end of the qajaro period. It was built by the architects as a building complex and supervised by French engineers using local materials in architectural style that derives from the antiquity of the Persian Gulf coast, known as Bangaleh.

This building includes parts such as: the pishkhān (open and wide space that connects the urban environment to the complex) that from behind leads to the portico platform and the main building, the building's platform (a huge surface and a flight of stairs joined to the main building), the portico ( the environment ofIwan, three pairs of columns and a large wooden door with iron decorations) and the main part which is a two-story building with painted walls.

The lower hall of this part was built to reserve it for the official meetings of Malek Al Tajār and the upper floor for his private parties. Also included a surveillance zone, the bastion and the shāhneshin and also a part formed by some Iwan and residential rooms. This building complex, in addition to the sections mentioned, also has gardens inside one another, divided by a few rows of walls and each with a separate entrance for connection with the other parts and an outer space.

The gardens are not the same, each one in a distinct way has different decorations and environments. This palace, which at the time was considered the identity of Bushehr, an unparalleled building and the skyscraper of this city, was occupied by the English invaders and became their military residence; after years of settlement, with the failure of Mohammad Mahdi Malek Al Tajār (principal owner) they bought cheap valuables and took them away. At the end of Reza Shāh's reign this palace was used as a military barracks and until today has been rebuilt several times.

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