Achaemenid Palace Bardak Siāh

Achaemenid Palace Bardak Siah

Bardak Siah Palace is located near the city of Borazjan (Bushehr region) and dates back to the end of the Achaemenid period. This was the winter residence of Darius I.

Il Talar Central located between palm groves and at the confluence of two rivers, Shāpur and Dālaki, is similar to the Apadana palace in style and Achaemenid designs, has two rows of five columns and is comparable to Pasargad and Borāzjān, however it does not possess the sophistication of the Ciro palace in these two locations.

The etymology of Bardak Siāh in the construction of which two types of black and clear stone were used, derives from the use of black stone in the foundations of the base of the columns.

In this building, in addition to the remains of the building, objects were found as a handle of a female elephant tusk dagger and some decorative objects-sign of the presence of women in the palace-4 heavy pieces of gold-more than 3 kg- which seems to come from materials from the door or from the stone of the building, a carved relief of the Shāh and his companions together with an inscription in cuneiform calligraphy and in the Neo-Babylonian language, a piece of gold - probably the upper part of a cup etc.

In this area there are two palaces, Charkhāb and Sang-e Siāh, of the Achaemenid epoch which were built due to the expansion of naval forces in this era and the domination of sea routes for military and economic reasons.

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