Ancient cemetery of the island of Khark

Ancient cemetery of the island of Khark

The ancient cemetery of Khark located in the island of the same name (Bushehr region) can be traced back to the end of the Sassanid period and attributed to the Zoroastrians. In this cemetery, which is located in a part of the mountainous area of ​​the coral island, there are many sepulchers which, given the shallow depth and circular surface of some, seem to belong to the followers of the Zoroastrian creed.

On some tombs that have short entrances, there is the figure of the cross demonstrating the fact that even Christians buried their dead here. Nothing has been found in the graves of men, while in the women's ones small glasses have been found-probably bears perfumes-and even cheap jewels like rings and bronze mirrors.

Still some tombs have not been examined but the remaining ones during the continuous occupation of the island over the course of many years, have been re-used or excavated. All the tombs were made from stone, and over them there were very thick chalk slabs.

From the variety and number of temples existing on the island, it can be assumed that even from ancient times, even before Christ, in this island lived various ethnic groups and peoples such as the Persians, the Greeks, the Palmyrs and the Arabs.

A temple of fire, a Greek temple, a synagogue, a Nestorian church, an ancient mosque and an ancient cemetery to the east of the island are among the remains of sacred places of the inhabitants of the island of Khārk. The analyzes show that here existed, in different forms, four religions among the most important in the world. 

The ancient cemetery of Khārk, given the antiquity and the type of construction, is one of the tourist attractions of the beautiful island.

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