Palace of Cyrus the Great

Palace of Cyrus the Great

The palace of Cyrus the Great is located in the city of Borazjan (region Bushehr) and from the architectural style the epoch of its construction is attributed to the period of Ciro, founder of the dynasty of the Achaemenids (around the 529 BC); this building was the king's winter residence.

The palace of Cyrus the Great or the palace of Cyrus Dashtestān, is a very important historical monument, is located next to the dried up river Ārdi and was once one of the important bases of Achaemenid-era Iran on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Research shows that this unfinished palace, from the point of view of stone carving and architecture, as far as can be seen from the base of the columns and the objects found, is more recent and refined than Pasargad.

According to the archaeologists the building of which only the base of columns is very beautiful and unequaled with black and yellow stones, was located next to the ancient city of "Taoke" and the purpose of building this impressive building in this area was control over the Persian Gulf.

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