Gur-e Dokhtar

Gur-e Dokhtar

Gur-e Dokhtar is located in the Eram district of the city of Dashtestān (Bushehr region) and dates back to the Achaemenid era, per year 600 BC Probably this building is the mausoleum of Cyrus the little, Teispe or Cyrus I (grandfather of Cyrus the Great ), of Atousā (daughter of Cyrus), of Māndānā (mother of Cyrus) or of the sister of Cyrus the Great.

This ancient building is a rectangular stone mausoleum in the style of that of Cyrus the Great in Pasargad (Fars region) but smaller and with a roof similar to the tomb of this king.

The entire building was constructed with 24 pieces of stone of different sizes connected together by means of fittings. No type of mortar was used in the building. Above this mausoleum there is a collapsed part similar to a frame that was probably the place of placement of an inscription relating to it. 

The real height of the building is 4 and a half meters and inside the room there is a small pool. It has an entrance door of the size of 9 × 70 cm. The roof of the mausoleum is covered with two large stone slabs and above the roof there is another stone in the shape of a half cylinder whose interior is empty and it has been carved and placed in a very interesting way and with a particular architecture; on both sides of the mausoleum and in the upper part of the roof there are two large triangular stone slabs.

Near Gur-e Dokhtar you can see the remains of the summer residence of Artaxerxes sasanides.

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