Hormuz Castle

Hormuz Castle is located on the island of the same name (Hormozgan region) and is a relic of 1507 and of the period of Portuguese rule on the coasts and islands of the Persian Gulf.

The mighty building of the castle of Hormuz or of the Portuguese which is located by the sea, with 20 thousand square meters of surface, (of which 15 thousand remain) has an irregular multilateral shape.

The height of its walls and some towers is 14 meters; the castle is made of stone and concrete mortar and the rooms and ruins still standing are: the watchtower, the armament stores, the large cistern, the barracks, the prison, the church, the command center, the main hall and two large rusty cannons in the semicircular courtyard.

Today this castle is the symbol of colonialism but also of the courage shown by the brave Iranian soldiers in the liberation of the island of Hormuz.

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