Castle Fin

Fin Castle is located in the town of the same name and north of the city of Bandar Abbas (Hormozgan region). It, which probably at the time of its construction had a military and defensive function, dates back to the Ilkhanide and Timuride periods and has been in use until the last few decades.

The Fin castle is located on a large stone slab, adjacent to the connecting roads of the area and its natural hill occupies a large space whose width is 180 meters and the length of 290.

The materials used in its construction are stone, cement mortar and raw square bricks. In a corner of the external area there is a circular tower mostly destroyed, of which only one wall remains, inside which vertical seals and windows with a small room have been placed.

In another corner there is another circular tower in whose internal space two floors are still visible today and inside it there are also shelves and seals.

At the edges of the castle and on its steep side you can see some annexes dating back to the last century with the iron, brick, concrete and tile structure that in the following periods were added to the fortress.

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