Ancient cave of Khorbas

The ancient cave of Khorbas is located on the island of Qeshm (Hormozgān region), dates back to the Sassanid period and was flourishing until the fourth century of the lunar Hegira. It, with a length of about 7 km, is located in the archaeological area of ​​the same name where many finds have been brought to light in the excavations carried out.

Overlooking the Persian Gulf, the Khorbas Cave is partly natural, partly artificial. The caves are connected from the inside by a series of tunnels said to have been excavated by the ancient Iranians. It is said that this cave may have been used as a sighting system to warn of impending attacks.

On the island of Qeshm - the largest island of Iran - next to the ancient city of Khorbas, there are also other attractions such as: a large water cistern dating back to the Sassanid period, remains of a place of worship of Mithras, the ancient fortress of the Portuguese with two walls, four watchtowers and a moat, the well of the Portuguese etc.

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