Underground City

Underground city

The underground city or Qanāt of Kish is located on the island of the same name (Hormozgān region) and with an antiquity of over 2500 years, is an interesting example of the art of digging underground canals in Iran.

This Kariz (culvert) at the beginning has two branches that originate from the two directions of the island and, after having embarked on a well-defined path, it reaches the current place of the cultural-recreational complex of the underground city of Kish.

Along the route of the water pass 274 wells of which 74 are located in the complex Kariz of Kish.

Today it, which covers an area of ​​over 10000 square meters and 15 km in length, is located at the depth of 16 meters below ground and with the change of its original function has turned into an incredible underground city.

Much of the roof with a height of 8 meters is full of fossils, shells and corals that have an antiquity between 270 and 570 million years. In the museum of this city, as well as complete information on the Persian Gulf such as: documents, files and ancient maps of the area and the island of Kish, the results of the researches of fossil experts accompanied by "identity card", of their antiquities and the different geological periods to which they belong.

Also in the small handicraft bazaar of this complex you can find works by local artists.

Among the most important features of the underground city is the fresh air whose temperature always oscillates between 22 and 25 degrees, so it makes no difference which season of the year to choose to visit.

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