Archaeological Museum of Shahr-e Kord

Archaeological Museum of Shahr-e Kord

The archaeological museum of Shahr-e Kord is located in the historic center of the city of the same name (Chahār Mahāl and Bakhtiāri region). The current building of the museum, which was once a public bath, was built in 1947 and after being enlarged and restored, in 2003 it was used as a museum.

This building (the Hammam Porhizgār) with a floor area of ​​620 square meters, includes two small and large hammams (female and male). The large hammam consists of a vestibule, the frigidarium, the tepidarium, the calidarium, the khazineh (small room with hot tub, adjacent to the calidarium) and dal shāhneshin (main room reserved for guests) while the small one from the frigidarium, the corridor, the calidarium and the khazineh.

The circular stone columns with deep grooves, the floor covered with white and turquoise tiles, the multilateral stone bathtub in the center and deep pools on its three sides with stone seats with arches used as a dressing room, are among the architectural peculiarities of the building.

This museum displays 320 historical objects in three sections: prehistoric, historical period and Islamic period including various types of coins, earthenware crockery, seals, stone epigraphs, tombstones, vases, spearheads, jewelry, carpets, manuscripts, tools for hunting and statues.

The brick epigraph belonging to the seventh millennium BC is among the oldest objects preserved in this museum.

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