Craft Museum

Hammām Darb Imāmzādeh (Shahr-e Kord Museum of Handicrafts and Traditional Arts)

The Hammam Darb Imāmzādeh of Shahr-e Kord, which was built in conjunction with the Atābakān Mosque and with the reconstruction of the Imamzādeh mausoleum, faces the ancient mosque.

The original building of this hammam was erected in the period of the Atābakān dynasty of Lorestan and rebuilt in the periods of Safavids, of the Afshār and of the Zand. The hammam has a large outdoor dressing room and the base of its eight stone columns is 70 centimeters from the level of it.

In the middle there is an octagonal basin and a vaulted corridor leads to the main space of the hammam which has four stone columns and the ceiling in the north and south directions has convex windows that penetrate the light.

This space has two rectangular pools and a khazineh (small room with a hot tub) in the middle and is four steps higher than the ground. There are also two areas of square shape on the sides.

Around this hammam there is an open space where you can transit. The building, after the reconstruction, has been converted into a museum of handicrafts and traditional arts where handicrafts from the Chahār Mahāl region and Bakhtiāri are exhibited, such as qilim, felt, jajim (striped carpets woven with colored threads and thin), khatam (a particular type of inlay) and padlocks.



Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari -04

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