Source Dimeh

Source Dimeh

The Dimeh spring is located next to the village of the same name in the city of Kouhrang (Chahār Mahāl and Bakhtiāri region) and was once one of the main tributaries of the Zāyande Rud river.

From the point of view of mineral salts, the water from this source is very rich, it is among the best waters in the world and has therapeutic properties; for its presence of calcium it is useful in fact in the prevention of dental caries and cures kidney stones.

Local inhabitants attribute it to Kay Kāvus, one of the heroes of the Shāhnameh. The deepest part of the source measures 2 meters.

The water, the breathtaking views and the surrounding environment such as the tents of the nomads, the places of historical interest adjacent to the village of Dimeh such as: the mount Dimeh Kay Kāvus, the wall of the Gazi dam and the cemetery, have helped to place this place in the list of the most beautiful tourist attractions of the city of Kouhrang.

Around the source there are fertile soils, tall walnut trees and others typical of cold areas and in this territory live animals such as the fox, the jackal, the hyena and birds such as the partridge. Although you cannot swim in this spring, you can still taste the delicious trout kebab, fish raised here and sheep, an animal that feeds on Dimeh plants.

Near this spring is the world famous field of inverted red and yellow tulips (Fritillaria imperialis or Imperial crown) of Kouhrang.

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