Mausoleum of the Imāmzādeh Mohammad Akbar

Mausoleum of the Imāmzādeh Mohammad Akbar

The mausoleum of the Imāmzādeh Mohammad Akbar, son of Hazrat-e Ali , is located in the village Dastgerd in the city of Shahr-e Kord (region Chahār Mahāl and Bakhtiāri). The building is attributed to the Safavid era and during the reign of Mozaffar Al-Din Shāh was restored.

This sanctuary includes: a high portal, a wide one jelokhān (open space located before the entrance porch of the building), a corridor with numerous pavilions, a mosque with one Shabestan polished stone colonnade and a brick ceiling.

The tomb of the Imamazadh with an octagonal plan and built of bricks, has a high dome and a double roof. On the entrance door of the zarih (metal grating) poems are written about the personality and importance of this Imāmzādeh.

In this complex there were some mills and a mill that are no longer visible, in addition to this the presence of damaged pavilions in the courtyard also demonstrates the importance and prominent position of this Imāmzādeh in the past.

Among the significant works of this mausoleum there is an inscription on stone datable to the 1124 of the lunar Hegira.


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