Hammam Zahir Al-Islam

Hammam Zahir Al-Islam

The ancient hammam Zahir Al-Islām (Āqānqi) is located in the town of Ardabil (region of the same name) and its construction dates back to the Ilkhanid period. After about 200 years, in the qajaro period a man named Āqānqi Mo'men Al rā'yā bought this hammam and rebuilt it.

Today the structure houses the Ardabil anthropological museum. The hammam consists of several parts such as: hot and cold water tanks, a porch similar to a vestibule, the dressing room, the kafshkan (narrow, semi-open vestibule that connects the courtyard to the surrounding spaces), the calidarium and the dome of the sarbineh (Frigidarium).

Currently in the aforesaid parts of this hammam various ancient objects are placed. In this place, in addition to the exhibition of 33 statues with local customs of the people of the Ardabil region, works and handwritten writings related to the historical and cultural identity of this area are collected and exhibited.

This museum is the right place to get acquainted with the modus vivendi, the rites and customs, the male and female local customs, the cooking method of typical foods and with the particular traditions of this region.

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