Monte Sabalan

Mount Sabalan

Mount Sabalan, between the high mountains north-west of the country, is located near the city of Ardabil and that of Meshgin Shahr (Ardabil region). It is an inactive stratovolcano and with its height of 4811 meters, it is the third highest peak in Iran after the Damāvand and Mount Alam.

Mount Sabalan is made up of a series of numerous hills and in total has three well-known peaks, the large one being known as Soltān and the other two as Haram and Korsi. All its peaks in all the days of the year are covered with ice and permanent snow.

Sabalan among the Turkish-speaking locals is read "Sāvālān" but its ancient local name is Savalun which is a three-part word tāleshi meaning "its snow-nest head".

Normally to go up to Mount Sabalān there are three routes: the north-east (the usual route), the west and south where the Alvares ski slope is located, one of the best equipped ski resorts in Iran.

On the top of the Sabalān there is a small lake. This mountain, due to the natural thermal waters on its slopes, the beautiful summer nature and the ski slope of Alvares is very popular with tourists. In addition, some consider it the place where Zoroaster was chosen as the Prophet of Iran and for this reason it is a sacred and revered place even among locals and nomads of the area who make vows in his name.

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