temple of Dash Kasan

The temple of Dash Kasan

the Dash Kasan Stone Temple - which means 'cut stone' or 'stone cutout' - is located southeast of the village of Vir on the local heights of Soltaniye. In addition to the use of the most advanced technique of the time, which is the result of the growth and refinement of the art of working with stones with metal tools, in the realization of this temple we also note the best possible choice of the site location for its construction among other neighboring areas; as well as the attention of its builders and their complete knowledge of geology and mineralogy emerge.
Some excavation and stone cutting works in this area are works by Chinese artists who were called from China by the order of Uljaytu. In the past, this cave was a mermaid of the Sassanid era, however, the carved figures of dragons, vine and ivy leaves and other floral decorations belong to a later period, that is when the Il-khanidi dominated .

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