Relief with the image of the Shah

Relief with the image of the Shah

3The relief with the image of the Shāh is found in the area of ​​Larijan, in the city of Āmol (region Māzandarān). This work was commissioned by Nasreddin Shāh Qajar in 1879.

In this relief that was carved in the heart of a rock as a memorial on the occasion of the reconstruction and construction of the ancient road of Mazandaran, in a rectangular frame you can see the Shāh Nasreddin on horseback in the middle and ten people among the important personages of the country and the army wearing the official uniform.

All around the relief, which is about 8 meters long and 4 high, inscriptions were inscribed then placed in frames, which contain some verses in praise of Nasreddin Shāh: they speak of the difficulty of the passage of the Larijan road and of the order of re about the renovation and restoration of it. At the center of the relief and under the hooves of the horse of Nasreddin Shāh, the name of the engraver is carved and above the head of the persons represented, the appellative or their role has been engraved with thin line and with calligraphy shekaste.

During the Second World War a part of these historical works, located in the ancient narrow called Band Borideh and near the mineral water source Astarā-Bāku, was lost due to the shooting of soldiers from the former Soviet Union.

This relief today behind the Vānā tunnel, like a hidden treasure, is considered among the historical and ancient attractions of the area.

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