Palace and garden of Rāmsar

Palace and garden of Rāmsar

The royal palace of Rāmsar or marble palace is located in the homonymous city (Māzandarān region) and was built by the will of Rezā Shāh Pahlavi in the year 1937 and until the Islamic revolution in the 1979 it was used as the residence of the royal family.

The building of the building, rectangular in European architectural style, is located in a garden that has a surface of 60000 square meters. The white marble building with a Iwan equipped with 4 columns, it was created from a single marble block and on the two sides of the staircase behind the palace two marble statues of a tiger were placed.

At the entrance of the building there is a central hall and the doors of the adjacent rooms give on it. In the ceiling of the terrace, in the hall, in the main rooms and in the distance between the walls and the ceiling, you can admire stucco work representing animals, plants, and human faces.

In the circular basin in front of the building there is also a light blue in which there are some fish of the sturgeon as a decorative element. In the palace of Rāmsar there are five other buildings: the hammam, the warehouse and the service rooms, those for servants and for surveillance; the ancient hammam of the palace was used only in the era of Rezā Khān and was composed of a khazineh of hot water, one of cold water, a dressing room, the bath of the dressing room and the source of its heat was procured from a heater by burning the wood and its water was ensured by the source located south-west of the courtyard.

This building, still called "Tamāshāgāh Khazar" (lett: Belvedere of the Caspian Sea) as a museum, exhibits over 470 historical objects with an antiquity from 100 up to 3000 years such as: furniture, silk carpets and curtains, candlesticks and antique showcases, precious bronze and marble statues, paintings by world-famous artists, etc.

In the outer courtyard of the building that is considered among the tourist attractions together with the adjacent buildings, a large garden with various types of rare plants has been created up to the sea.



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