Farah Abad Safavid Complex

safavid complex Farah Abad

The historical complex of Farah Abad is located near the city of Sāri (Māzandarān region), was built by the will of the Safavid Shāh Abbās in the year 1612 and was the residence and a place to stay on the beach of the Safavids.

This complex that is connected to the remains of the ancient city of Farah Ābād, known as Dārolsorour and Dārālsaltaneh, consists of a mosque / madrasa with a large central courtyard Iwan, un mihrab, covered prayer rooms (Shabestan), some rooms where goods are stored, two-layer domes and minarets, a half-destroyed brick bridge that had seven bays, a hammam, a caravanserai and the remaining walls of a royal palace (Jahānnamā palace).

Many of the buildings of the ancient city of Farah Ābād, which is among the most important ports in northern Iran and is considered the center of trade, in the course of history and looting by a group of Cossacks have been destroyed.

The Safavid complex of Farah Ābād, following very important restorations, is one of the tourist attractions of the Māzandarān region.

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