The rock paintings of Timareh

Timareh is an ancient and rocky area in the province of Khomein (Markazi region) that preserves 21 thousand cave paintings, the oldest historical and artistic traces of humanity dating back to 40 thousand years that represent a small window on the life of men of ancient times.

Most of Timareh's cave paintings tell us of a period in which humanity has resorted to the first hunting tools (pointed stones), the domestication of animals and as a result of agriculture and plant sowing.

In Timareh, the largest complex known as Iran's rock paintings paradise, one can contemplate the history of writing, language, symbols, customs and even the climate. Paintings such as: the man who took the hand of his son and who chasing a snake teaches him, men riding a horse and in the act of hunting mouflons etc. show that this area in different prehistoric times was occupied by man .

Examples of ancient languages ​​on the basis of symbolic painting and the expression of the idea, the letters of the paintings of which so far the experts have not been able to decipher the meaning etc ... show the evolution of writing as calligraphy in cuneiform characters, the geometric one , Pahlavi, Arabic, Persian and Hebrew in these cave paintings.

On top of them, in addition to the images of various instruments, we observe those of man in various activities: in the act of hunting, in ritual dances, in prayer, winged with clothes similar to a suit and with helmets that remind today's astronauts , in the act of taming other animals such as: the wild goat, the mouflon, the gazelle, the horse, the wolf, the lion, the dromedary and the two-humped camel, the leopard, the wild boar, the deer, the cheetah , the onager (wild ass), the snake, the turtle, and many other unknown animals; among these, about 75% of the drawings is dedicated to the wild goat and the mouflon.

The largest stone monument in the Timareh area known as large inscription with an area of ​​40 square feet has more than 150 drawings next to each other.

So far in all the regions of Iran more than 50 thousand examples of cave paintings have been found, of which 21 thousand belong to the area of ​​Timareh in the province of Khomein.

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