Handej Cave

Handej Cave

"Handej" is one of the historical caves near the village of the same name (Markazi region) whose entrance is located in the middle of a rough terrain and the ruins of one of the military fortresses of the Middle Ages known as "Zāghe darreh".

After passing by the fenced entrance of stone similar to a wall of the cave that is like a shelter, there is a long hall 12 meters and on the ceiling of which we can see some strange and very beautiful calcareous concretions in the shape of a heart.

This cave has numerous vestibules and corridors that are about 520 meters long. The cave continues in the form of a single straight and simple corridor and the central part almost smooth and white with the minimum curvature extending up to 150 meters.

In this cave were found pieces of glazed and painted terracotta crockery that probably belong to the period of the Timurids.

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