Dudehak caravanserai

Dudehak caravanserai

The Dudehak caravanserai is located in the homonymous village of the province of Delijān (Markazi region). The antiquity of this building - in the Seljuk architectural style - is traced back to the Safavid period and is among the 999 caravanserai built in the country during the period of the Shāh Abbās safavide.

For the construction of this historic building, brick, stone, lime and stucco were used and the ceiling of the buildings was covered with this last material and the roof with straw and mud. In each of the northern, eastern and western walls of this caravanserai, three watchtowers have been installed to show the function of a military fortress.

The foundation of this building was built with the stone of the river and the cement and the rest with the brick. In this caravanserai there is a large courtyard, an underground cistern, some Iwan and rooms with a domed ceiling that were places where people prayed. The north-east and south-west corners were used to store the goods and two more as a stable.

The bridge and the Dudehak caravanserai found along the historic route of the Silk Road, whose parts had been destroyed over the years and restored and rebuilt in recent years.

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