Temple of Fire Kheir Ābād

Temple of Fire Kheir Ābād

The temple of fire Kheir Ābād or Chārtāqi Kheir Ābād is located in Behbahān province (Khuzestan region). This building dates back to that time Sassanid.

Each of the four bases and the four arches that have preserved a very large dome are intact; the building is built with plaster and stone slabs and is located along the bank of the Kheir Ābād river next to the remains of the Sassanid bridge bearing the same name.

The dome was built in bricks arranged according to the method gerdchin, its bases decorated with hammered stones and the underlying space with simple geometric lines. The solar features designed for this chahārtāgh (square-shaped environment covered by a dome and with four entrances) are interesting and exceptional; the plant chahārtāgh of Kheir Ābād is different from the others present in Iran and its main axis is in front of the point where the sun rises in the winter equinox; the temple was used to distinguish the days of the seasonal calendar, determine dates and even time.

Around this temple or memorial monument of square form that is located in the path of the ancient way from the Fārs region towards the Khuzestān, you can also observe other structures. In archaeological researches on the surrounding hills to the depth of about 50 up to 60 cm have been found burned materials and it seems that, in addition to the temple of fire chahārtāghi and when religious rites were held there, cavities were also thought up on the hills to light the fire.

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