The Kal Jenni canyon

The Kal Jenni canyon

The Kāl Jenni canyon is located near the Azmighān village near the city of Tabas (southern Khorāsān region). The tunnels and cavities dug by hand in the walls of this canyon date back to the Sassanian era.

Kāl Jenni (Kāl means valley or path created by floods and flowing water), which among the locals is known as "Jinn valley", with its cliffs and interesting erosions, sometimes surreal, presents drawings and paintings and high walls formed due to the flow of flood waters and erosion.

This area is a mysterious place similar to miniatures, a silent valley, fresh and full of water in the heart of a torrid expanse where the local people believed the spirits and jinn lived.

Some parts of this deep canyon seem to have a U-shape and others V-shaped; here there are also small waterfalls and ponds up to 1,5 meters deep and in addition tunnels have been built with an extraordinary engineering system that direct the water inside the Qanat (culvert).

The presence of tunnels and houses called "houses of the Ghabri" (Zoroastrians) in the heart of the rocky walls, is another attraction of this canyion. The construction of tunnels and tunnels probably dates back to the Sassanian era.

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