Mausoleum of Ibn Hosam Khosfi

Mausoleum of Ibn Hosam Khosfi

The mausoleum of Mohammad Ibn Hosam Al-Din Hasan, known as Hosām Khosfi, poet, mystic, jurist and intellectual of the late thirteenth and early fourteenth and ninth centuries of the lunar Hegira, is located in the historic center of the city of Khosf , southwest of Birjand (South Khorāsān region).

The construction of the original building dates back to the year 1514 and the last restorations and changes relate to the year 1875.

This small octagonal historic building that is located on a rocky hill and in the midst of green meadows, has a cruciform plan and is surmounted in the center by a dome with a cylindrical top with a skylight that has three arches in three directions.

The mausoleum building has a small wooden door and the walls and ceiling from the inside are embellished with sober stuccos. In the center of the room, a modest plaque laid on the floor catches the eye. This mausoleum does not have a window to the outside but in a part of the wall the placement of bricks in a reticulated way serves as a window from which you can observe the surrounding environment well. Inside there is a white majolica inscription on which some poems by Ibn Hosām are imprinted.

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