Bisotun building

The Bisotun building

The Bisotun building is located under the ancient road that leads from Hamedān to Kermānshāh (homonymous region) and dates back to the Sassanid era. Located north of the safavid caravanserai of Bisotun and facing Farhādtarāsh, it has an almost rectangular plan and consists of two parts, east and west, connected to each other.

The facade of the building's walls was built with polished stone blocks and the inside of the walls with remains and plaster mortar. Symbols of the Sassanid stonemasons are engraved on some blocks of stone.

Archaeological excavations show that this building was never completed in the Sassanid period, was left halfway because only the perimeter walls were built. Historians however claim that Khosrow Parviz intended to complete this palace but never succeeded.

In the period ilkhanide, with the construction of 64 rooms inside the building, it was used as a caravanserai.

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